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This is everything the Umbilical Brothers have ever released. Hours of Award Winning hilarity in the one place.

Speedmouse –
Performed live to a packed audience at the Sydney Opera House, this is a mind expanding theatrical experience that goes beyond anything you've seen on TV. As Scotland's Herald proclaimed, it's like watching two freeze framed freaks trapped inside a diabolical VCR of the human soul.

Don't Explain –
Don't explain: Audiences from Stockholm to Tokyo have laughed like idiots at this acclaimed performance. My faith in comedy was restored (The Times) it's insanely inventive (Time Out London) and left me with that rarest of conditions these days, a face that ached from laughing so much (Vancouver Sun). And these are just the opinions of critics. Imagine what people who aren't critical think of it. Join The Umbilicals in their brilliant signature show, chock full of internationally tested comedy. You'll see and hear everything on a stage full of nothing.

Heaven By Storm –
Welcome to the Umbilical Brothers' third spectacular video. It takes the boys on the adventure of their lives from the bathroom to the very gates of heaven. This show cemented their international acclaim winning them a coveted Perrier nomination and critics' choice award at the Edinburgh Fringe. London Hong Kong Singapore Sydney Stockholm Auckland Helsinki Berlin: those are the names of some places. And the Umbies have performed this storming show in them.

The Rehearsal –
Don't miss the Umbilical Brothers Live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival- visit for booking details.
Taking comedy into the next dimension, up 3 levels and down a hallway…
Australia's hottest export since Vegemite (time out NY) are back with a rehearsal. Or are they? This acclaimed show is like nothing you've seen before. Creatively misused multi-media, audience participation, tangents that shouldn't be taken…they'll take you inside their Creative process, and won't let you out until your brain explodes.

Not Suitable for Children –
Join Dane and Shavid in a brain-melting journey to the most terrifying vista the human mind has ever encountered: the world of children's television. Witness the happy fly dance, purchase the most dangerous contraband, reminisce about beloved TV icons and get extremely moist in a children’s show so wrong that it’s completely unsuitable for children. Warning: Show contains Coarse Language, Drugs, Sex, Violence, and time permitting, Face Painting.

Take the journey and secure a seat in comedy heaven. …The Umbilical Brothers ( Speedmouse: Live from the Sydney Opera House / Don't Explain / Heaven By Storm, )

This set contains:
Don’t Explain
Heaven by Storm
The Rehearsal
Not Suitable for Children

Plus extras on top of extras on top of extras.

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